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Batlang Seabo

Partner organisation staff
Batlang is a research associate of the Btoswana national partner, Star Awards


Batlang Seabo is a Senior Lecturer in Political Science at the University of Botswana. He obtained his master’s degree in Political Science from Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. Seabo is currently pursuing a PhD in Political Science with Stellenbosch University. He is also a researcher and a member of the Afrobarometer Survey Network for Botswana. His areas of research interests include African politics, Political Communication, Parties and Party Systems, Voting Behaviour, Comparative Politics and Public Opinion/Attitudes. He has co-authored and published articles in local and international journals. A selection of some of his publications include:

Isbell, T. & Seabo, B (2020) Corruption Crossroads? Rising Perceptions of Graft Weaken Citizen Trust, Threaten Botswana’s Democratic Standing. Afrobarometer Policy Paper No.68.

Seabo, B. & Molebatsi, K (2017). Botswana’s Dominant Party System: Determinants in the Decision to Vote the Ruling Party, Journal of African Elections, 16(2): 1-23.

Seabo, B. & Molefe, W. (2016). The Determinants of Institutional Trust in Botswana’s Liberal Democracy. African Journal of Political Science and International Relations, 10 (11): 131-144.

Masilo, B. & Seabo, B. (2016). Deepening Participation in Botswana: A Case for Referendums. Afro-Asian Journal of Social Sciences, 7(3). Quarter III ISSN: 2229 – 5313

Maundeni, Z. & Seabo, B. (2013). Management and Mismanagement of Factionalism in Political Parties in Botswana, 1962-2013. Botswana Notes and Records, 45: 27-39.

Areas of interest