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Institute for Governance Reform (IGR) is Afrobarometer’s national partner in Sierra Leone.

Established in February 2013, the Institute for Governance Reform (IGR) is a leading independent multi-disciplinary public policy research and institutional development think tank in Sierra Leone. A “good governance” ethos underpins our work, and we have assisted a range of client organizations and communities in their efforts to improve their public services performance. Through operational research and targeted support to agencies, we bridge the gap between knowledge and policy.

IGR’s long-term vision for Sierra Leone is to have capable institutions implementing policies that promote social cohesion, democratic governance, economic competitiveness, and inclusive communities. IGR’s team’s vast knowledge of Sierra Leone and West Africa and our experience with government ministries, donors, and civil society ensure our clients’ access to quality data, timely analysis, and excellent results.

IGR works as a partner with multiple organizations and is committed to providing excellent technical assistance for capacity-building and sustainable development in public institutions as well as private-sector and non-state organizations with public responsibilities. IGR reports are geared toward helping clients spearhead change in their organizations. We ensure originality and high standards in our research to remain relevant and competitive.

IGR’s strategic approach is to add value to intellectual synthesis by breaking down complex project outcomes into forms of knowledge that are readily understood by diverse stakeholders. In addition to conducting primary research and report-writing, we provide post-research support, project evaluation, training, and mentoring.

IGR has extensive survey experience, having conducted a wide array of studies using nationally representative samples. To this end, the organisation have a readily available team of research supervisors and data collectors from all ethnic groups and regions of Sierra Leone that we have cultivated, developed, and trained in the past five years. Through rigorous quality-assurance standards, IGR ensures that research results are of the highest quality, maintaining only those researchers who deliver consistently strong results and conducting refresher training for our data collectors at the start of every research exercise.

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