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Groupe de Recherche en Économie Appliquée et Théorique is the national partner in Mali.

An independent research institution, GREAT (Research Group in Applied and Theoretical Economics) has administrative and management autonomy that operates in the areas of research, training and publications. It aims to position itself in the field of decision support through empirical evidence using proven methodological tools. 

The organisation’s strategic objectives can be summed up in extending political influence, public information, the sharing of knowledge through training, the influence of partners, especially financial partners and other international actors in development, and organisational performance.

At the institutional level, GREAT is managed by an Orientation Council of seven members which validates the strategic plan and defines the main orientations of the group. The technical team is headed by an Executive Director and is made up of four departments (Administration and Finance, Studies and Research, Education and Training, Information and Communication) each headed by a manager.



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