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About us

The overall strategic objective of GREAT is to actively and meaningfully participate in make Mali a producer of knowledge. It will contribute to this by the scientific thinking to a qualitative change in our society. Qualitative change produced by the knowledge must be observed in speech, in conduct, in decision-making procedures, in attitudes, in the well-being and in the knowledge of the people. GREAT product data and publishes articles quarterly and publishes policy briefs each month.

GREAT and Afrobarometer

GREAT is Afrobarometer's national partner in Mali. We investigate the opinions of Malian citizens on how the country is governed and how it is run. After collecting and entering the data, we produce reports and organise at least three dissemination workshops after each round to attract the attention of policymakers. GREAT puts the basis of Afrobarometer' data within the reach of users and publishes the results of our studies in the media.

Address: Kalaban coura ACI BP. E1255 GREAT Bamako, Mali
Tel: +223 66 74 22 20
Contact: Professor Massa Coulibaly



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