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The Center for Research and Opinion Polls (CROP) is the national partner for Togo

About us

The Center for Research and Opinion Polls (CROP) is an independent research center with a non-partisan network of social science researchers based in Togo, Africa, France, Canada and the US. At our headquarters in Lomé, Dr Moussa Blimpo leads our young dynamic team of researchers.

CROP aims to contribute to the public policy discourse in Africa by providing quality information and training to Africans.  How? We rely on cutting edge researchers involved in different areas of development and evaluation of public policies, economics, education, health, poverty analysis, and governance. Our objective is to:

  • participate in public debate by providing scientific information likely to assist political and economic decision makers to put in place adequate policies
  • strengthen the democratic process in Africa
  • contribute toward the fight against poverty
  • influence the public forum agenda through regular opinion poll and the publication of research articles

CROP provides technical supports to government, non-governmental and private sector, and partner organisations for planning, execution, and evaluation of policies and projects.

Our services include:

  • data collection, analysis and dissemination of economic, social political and demographics data.
  • opinion polls
  • impact evaluation of public policies
  • market study, consumer satisfaction, advertising and marketing impact.
  • practical training and varied courses in areas such as data analysis and statistical tools and software.


CROP and Afrobarometer

As an Afrobarometer national partner, we are responsible for implementing the Afrobarometer survey and disseminating the results in Togo. We also work to promote the values of the network in Togo and beyond.



Address: 05 B.P. 568, Lomé, Togo
Tel: +228 22 42 94 55
Contact: Hervé Akinocho

Lomé, Togo

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