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Afrosondagem is the national partner in Cabo Verde.

Afrosondagem, a leading research organization in Cabo Verde, has been Afrobarometer’s national partner since 2002. In addition to conducting six survey rounds in Cabo Verde through 2018, the partner also conducted the 2015 and 2018 surveys in São Tomé and Príncipe.

Headquartered in Praia, Cabo Verde, Afrosondagem specializes in quantitative and qualitative methods, with footprints extending across the country. Its team has extensive experience in election polls, market studies, microfinance, and traffic counting. Over the years, it has built a portfolio of consultants with international professional experience, providing technical assistance to institutions in Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Principe, and Madagascar. It has also conducted fieldwork in Portugal, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the United States, and France.

“Our 16-year partnership with Afrobarometer has been nothing short of fruitful,” says José Semedo, director of Afrosondagem. “We have benefited a lot from the technical training and mentorship provided by the core partner team. The summer schools in Michigan and Cape Town have also sharpened our research skills and imparted a lot to our operations. Ultimately, we continue to leverage Afrobarometer’s credibility and strong track record of quality surveys.”


Democracy and governance

Democracy and governance have been a core domain over the years for Afrosondagem, which conducted the first-ever in-depth study on public opinion regarding democracy in the country. In partnership with Afrobarometer, it regularly produces studies analyzing the quality of governance and democracy in Cape Verde.

Election polls

Afrosondagem conducts election polls for both political parties and individuals. It has conducted polls for presidential, legislative, and municipal elections on all the islands and in all counties in Cape Verde.

Socioeconomic studies

Afrosondagem undertakes socio-economic studies in vulnerable communities across the islands. These studies have contributed to the development and monitoring of both business and social projects. By using administrative data analysis, surveys, and qualitative methods, Afrosondagem is able to cover such diverse domains as social housing, environment, and security, among others.




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