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Abcon is the national partner for Ethiopia

ABCON Plc Consulting House is Afrobarometer’s national partner in Ethiopia.

Operating since 2000, ABCON Plc – Research & Consulting House – has years of experience providing consultancy services to a number of governmental and international organizations in development projects financed by the World Bank, USAID, SNV, and EU.

By grounding its service delivery approach in mixed research paradigms and methods – quantitative and qualitative – ABCON’s Research & Development Unit has successfully rolled out a number of national and regional research and consultancy projects transcending a diversity of disciplines of, social & economic interventions, gender, educational, marketing, development of micro and small businesses for youth and women, and IEC/BCC research and evaluation, as well as projects varying in complexity from baseline to end-line evaluation, regional & nation-wide surveys conducted either at the household level or institutional levels.



Meet the team

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia