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Round 10 questionnaire development

Afrobarometer begins Round 10 questionnaire development in Lilongwe, Malawi

Afrobarometer’s board chair, senior advisers, and directors of analysis and surveys met in Lilongwe, Malawi, to kick-start the 10th cycle of Afrobarometer surveys. Word by word, phrase by phrase, and sentence by sentence, the Afrobarometer team scrutinised dozens of questions as part of a week-long process that started on 9 January.

“The questionnaire committee meeting is important because it brings together the core Afrobarometer leadership and some senior advisers who provide a technical backstop to help us through the big-picture issues on the continent and globally that we should be focusing on. That is relevant for policy and decision making,”
Joseph Asunka, Afrobarometer CEO

Afrobarometer questionnaires include standard questions tracked over time, covering signature topics – democracy and governance – and many others around corruption, access to services and infrastructure, and government and leadership performance. The 10th round, the CEO forecasts, will continue to highlight issues of climate change, elections, and health.

Afrobarometer CEO Joe Asunka discusses Afrobarometer’s Round 10 questionnaire development on Zodiak Malawi