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Data for Governance Alliance

A project to promote data-based advocacy and engagement between pan-African civil society organisations (CSOs) and members of the African Union’s African Governance Platform (AGP).



The African Union’s (AU) Agenda 2063 and its African Governance Platform (AGP) prioritize a citizen-cantered approach to governance. But achievement of this goal is hampered by citizens’ lack of awareness and information about this agenda, CSO lack of access to data on citizen support for the agenda, and difficulty in tracking implementation of the agenda.

The overall objective of the Data for Governance Alliance Project is therefore to strengthen implementation of the AGP democracy, governance and human rights agenda by:

  • Promoting data collection, collation, and access
  • Building skills in data use and data-based advocacy for citizens and CSOs
  • Facilitating more effective collaboration between African citizens and CSOs on the one hand, and AGP member institutions on the other

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The consortium will address these challenges, provide opportunities and build collaboration by:

  • Developing tools
      • Data – Collect two additional rounds of Afrobarometer public attitude data, including questions on priority AGP topics such as governance, corruption, rule of law, environmental governance, gender equality, and child welfare
      • Information clearinghouse – Create an online information clearinghouse that sources and digitizes all documentation relevant to the AGP agenda
      • Analysis – Produce analysis on AGP platform implementation, public attitudes toward the agenda, and related issues
      • Scorecards – Produce an annual scorecard on implementation of the AGP agenda
  • Offering workshops/training for policy actors and advocates
      • Accessing, analyzing, and using new data and information tools
      • Building evidence-based advocacy strategies
  • Creating opportunities for CSO-AGP consultation and collaboration – Bring together CSO and AGP representatives in annual regional convenings to build partnerships and develop strategies to promote the AGP agenda

The consortium will work with CSO partners in East, Southern, and West/Central

Africa that focus on issues captured under the AGP agenda. CSO participants will gain access to the tools, training, and opportunities described above. They will also have the opportunity to contribute directly to:

  • Developing content for the Afrobarometer Round 10 questionnaire
  • Providing input/feedback on the design of the information clearinghouse
  • Sharing their experiences and expertise with like-minded organisations and building joint strategies for advancing implementation of the AGP agenda
  • Developing joint media and public awareness campaigns on their priority issues


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