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Hosted by the Institute for Democracy, Citizenship and Public Policy in Africa, University of Cape Town 31 May – 15 June

Exposure to the threat of interpersonal violence has been an enduring feature of life in many African communities, especially affecting women and children. And in the past few years, military conflict has re-emerged as a factor within more than a dozen countries, especially in those states in which democracy has been receding. Both of these trends are obstacles to the attainment of inclusive and democratic government as well as sustainable development.

To better understand the causes and impacts of these various forms of violent conflict, Afrobarometer will focus its next online thematic seminar on the analysis of data from recent surveys that record respondents’ fears, experiences, and preferred responses to criminal, partisan, or military violence.

Afrobarometer is calling for expressions of interest to participate in this unique online seminar. The workshop forms part of an extended series of online offerings in place of our usual Summer School and other in-person capacity building initiatives that cannot be offered during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Successful applicants will prepare a research paper that uses current Afrobarometer data to examine how citizens experience and respond to forms of conflict such as crime, gender-based violence, electoral violence, terrorism, or armed conflict. Led by Prof Rajen Govender, the seminar will provide participants with refresher methods training and ongoing support in statistics, research design, theory and relevant research literature, augmented by key theory/content session by one or more guest lecturers. Participants will also join for an online three-day follow-up session in August 2021, where they will receive final feedback and assistance on their paper in order to finalize it as an Afrobarometer publication.

If you are interested in applying, please consider that you will be required to attend on a full-time basis for the entire twelve-day period of the workshop and the three day follow-up session a month later. Thus, we strongly suggest you discuss this with your employer before confirming your attendance with us. You will also need to ensure that you have access to a stable internet connection as well as a laptop/ pc for using SPSS. Competence in using SPSS and the AB datasets are essential prerequisites for being admitted to the workshop.


The thematic seminar is free of charge and seminar participants will be eligible for financial assistance of up to $ 200 to cover local internet data, local travel and subsistence costs. Final papers will also be eligible for up to $ 1500 when published through Afrobarometer.

Application Process

Potential participants should submit the following documents, in English, to Thomas Isbell at ICDPPA by no later than 07 May 2021:

1.A 2 pp. CV including evidence that you have previously attended at least one Afrobarometer Summer School,

2.If you have not attended a Afrobarometer Summer School, please submit proof of your proficiency in usingintermediate statistical methods

3.A brief prospectus of the research paper you propose to write (of no more than 1-page).

Final selection of participants will be based jointly on the quality of the research proposal, reported proficiency in quantitative methods of analysis, and familiarity with AB datasets.

Dr. Carolyn Logan, Dr. Rajen Govender, Brian Howard, and I will review the nominations and make final selections.