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We know that the application and hiring process often leaves candidates with some questions, so we have tried to answer some of the most common ones we receive. If you have questions about a role, hiring process, or your candidacy, you can also reach out to us directly at  for additional information.

Are all roles on your website accepting applications?

If a role is listed under our current openings, we are still accepting applications and are yet to fill the position. Please apply!

If roles are available across regions, should I apply to each regional opening?

Given that Afrobarometer’s partners have different hiring needs at different times, we encourage you to apply to each regional/partner’s opening that you are interested in. If you are solely interested in one regional location, you should only apply to that opening.


Do I have to have work authorisation in the location where I’m interested in working? Will Afrobarometer be willing to sponsor a visa for me to work from an Afrobarometer partner office?

Afrobarometer sponsors work authorisation for international workers in the main regions where network staff (as opposed to partner staff) are based (Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya). We indicate in the job description for an opening whether candidates without work authorisation can apply.


I’ve applied in previous years and wasn’t selected. Can I reapply?

Yes! We encourage strong candidates who may have applied before to apply again once they have gained additional relevant experience.


Will you let me know if my candidacy is rejected?

We aim always to inform candidates of the status of their application based on our hiring timelines. However, due to the rolling nature of many of our open roles, we may not send out all final candidate communications until after a role is filled.

Why don’t you publish the salary range for your openings?

Given that cost-of-living and salary norms vary significantly by region, it is difficult to set a “universal” salary range that applies to our roles. We therefore do not include salary ranges in our job descriptions, but we discuss salary expectations with candidates during the hiring process.


What benefits does Afrobarometer offer successful candidates?

We are proud to offer a comprehensive benefits package for all full-time employees. In accordance with the philosophy of a “total reward,” Afrobarometer defines the overall total guaranteed cost of employment (guaranteed package) per position, and the split across different pay elements (basic, allowances, and benefits, among others) is determined per country, aligning with local market practice and network partner practice to ensure consistency at the country level.