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Zimbabwe: China’s influence, corruption, media usage and male circumcision

5 May 2015 Zimbabwe
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Findings from Afrobarometer Round 6 survey in Zimbabwe in 2014.

At a glance

  • Perceptions of corruption: A majority of adult Zimbabweans believe the level of corruption in the country has increased over the past year.
  • Trust in state institutions: Adult Zimbabweans generally trust most of their keys institutions, but level of trust varies considerably with location.
  • China’s role in Zimbabwe: A majority of adult Zimbabweans believe that China’s economic activities in Zimbabwe have “some” or “a lot of” influence on the country’s economy.
  • Media usage: Zimbabweans rely on radio for news; TV, newspapers, internet and social media respectively.
  • Medical male circumcision: Zimbabweans support voluntary medical male circumcision even though it has been found to reduce the risk of HIV transmission.