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News release

Ugandans say climate change is making life worse, call for collective action to fight it

8 Feb 2023 Uganda
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News release
Key findings
  • More than half (56%) of Ugandans have heard of climate change (Figure 1). Among those who are aware of climate change:
  • More than eight in 10 (84%) say it is making life in Uganda worse (Figure 2).
  • About eight in 10 (78%) “agree” or “strongly agree” that citizens can help curb climate change. And a similar proportion (80%) want their government to take steps now to limit climate change, even if it is expensive, causes job losses, or takes a toll on the economy (Figure 3).
  • Only small minorities are satisfied with efforts by the government (4%), business and industry (5%), ordinary citizens (9%), and developed countries (11%) to fight climate change (Figure 4).
  • Ugandans assign primary responsibility for limiting climate change to the government (46%) and to ordinary citizens (43%) (Figure 5).

Overwhelmingly, Ugandans familiar with climate change say it is making life in their country worse and requires collective action to fight it, Afrobarometer findings show.

While almost half of citizens have still not heard of climate change, large majorities of those familiar with climate change say it is making life worse and requires immediate government action, even if such policies and programmes are expensive, cause job losses, or take a toll on the economy.

Generally, Ugandans see addressing climate change as a collective responsibility, and they want greater engagement on the issue by the government, business and industry, developed nations, and ordinary citizens.