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Toward COP26: In Tanzania, farmers lead concerns about climate change, Afrobarometer survey shows on

22 Oct 2021 Tanzania

A majority of Tanzanians who are aware of climate change say it is making life in the country worse, according to the latest Afrobarometer survey. But only about one-third of Tanzanians are aware of climate change.

People who work in the agricultural sector (farming, forestry, and fishing), who are particularly likely to suffer negative effects of climate change, are more likely to be concerned but less likely to be aware of climate change compared to their counterparts in other sectors.

Next month’s 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) offers a platform for reviewing international commitments to addressing climate change. While Tanzania contributes only 0.03% of global greenhouse gas emissions, it is already experiencing effects of climate change that threaten human health, safety, food security, and socio-economic development.