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News release

Ready to vote in Zimbabwe? Young and urban residents less likely to say yes

26 Jun 2018 Zimbabwe

Whilst more than eight in 10 Zimbabweans (82%) say they are both registered and likely to vote in the upcoming elections, young and urban residents trail their older and rural counterparts in readiness to vote, a recent national survey suggests.

Despite the enthusiasm they have displayed at political party rallies, as of late April/early May urban residents and youth were less likely than rural and older residents to say they were registered and likely to vote, according to survey findings from the Mass Public Opinion Institute, Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, and Afrobarometer.

Harare and Bulawayo had smaller proportions of registered and likely voters than other provinces. Moreover, levels of registered and likely voters were lower among citizens who expected the elections not to be free and fair and those who said the country had more important matters to attend to than conducting elections in 2018.

Watch for more detailed analysis of Afrobarometer pre-election survey findings later this week.