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Our case for support

31 Mar 2022
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Our vision is that African societies thrive when African voices count in public policy and development.

Our vision is that African societies thrive when African voices count in public policy and development.

Imagine a world in which Africa’s development thrives on the realities and preferences of its people. In which governments, thought leaders, funders, business leaders, and activists anchor their work in reliable and timely data on what African citizens really need and care about. Imagine a world in which ordinary citizens, knowing that their voices count, claim their stake in the making of policies that affect their lives.


Given the data deserts across our vast and varied continent, this was once almost unimaginable. Not anymore. This is the Afrobarometer (AB) story.


For more than 20 years, across 39 African countries, we have collected and published reliable and timely data and analysis on citizens’ evaluations and experiences of democracy, governance, the economy, and society. As a non-partisan, independent, and pan-African research network, we have demonstrated that public attitudes research can be conducted even in fragile, post-conflict, and closed political environments on the continent.


The only survey organisation by, for, and with Africans, AB is now the leading data source on issues affecting African men, women, and children. AB has data to track progress toward 12 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and several of the African Union Agenda 2063 targets.


In a world increasingly dependent on data in every sector, AB is a significant contributor to African capacity in survey research and analysis. This is done through AB’s capacity building program, which is of critical importance to the continent and holds huge potential for Africa’s development. We intend to significantly expand our capacity-building endeavours over the next decade.


Imagine what we can accomplish in the next decade with your support:


Survey data deepen and update the world’s understanding of African people.

More African citizens are heard through expanding country coverage of our surveys.

Timely, reliable data and analysis become available in more user-friendly formats, driving greater uptake by non-profit, public- and private-sector decision-makers and advocates, the news media, and ordinary citizens.

Democracy and good governance are strengthened through strategic partnerships with stakeholders and like-minded organisations.

Progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa is better monitored and targeted.

The next generation of African researchers, analysts, and communication experts is trained to promote public voice in African policy and politics.

A wider and more diverse collection of funders share our vision and enable our long-term sustainability by making multi-year contributions to our programs.

With support of $37.81m over the next five years and $86.9m for the next decade, we can make citizens’ voices count in the democratic development of Africa and significantly contribute to capacity development on the continent.