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News release

Most Angolans say school-age children are frequently not attending school, Afrobarometer survey shows

4 Jul 2022 Angola
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News release
Key findings
  • Seven in 10 Angolans (70%) say that school-age children in their community are “somewhat frequently” (20%) or “very frequently” (50%) not attending school (Figure 1).
  • This view is fairly consistent across key demographic groups. It is slightly less common among economically better-off citizens (65%) (Figure 2).
  • Fewer than three in 10 Angolans (28%) say the government is doing “fairly well” or “very well” in addressing the country's educational needs (Figure 3).

More than two-thirds of Angolans report that school-age children in their community are often not in school, according to recent data from Afrobarometer.

This perception aligns with the most recent census (2014), which showed that 64% of children aged 5-11 were outside the education system.

Only a minority of citizens express satisfaction with the government’s performance in addressing the educational needs of the country.