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Majority of Gambians say their country is heading in the wrong direction, Afrobarometer survey shows

17 Aug 2021 Gambia

A growing number of Gambians think their country is heading in the wrong direction and want their government to prioritize the economy and public service delivery, the latest Afrobarometer study shows.

Over the past three years, the share of Gambians who describe the country’s economy and their personal living conditions as good has decreased significantly, while more citizens are going without basic necessities such as enough food, enough water, and medical care.

Approval ratings for the government and leaders have declined significantly since 2018.

Health, management of the economy, water supply and education are the most important problems that citizens want the government to address.

The Gambia is ranked 172th out of 189 countries in the 2019 United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Index. The country is currently implementing a three- year National Development Plan that is expected to end in 2021.