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News release

Liberians support democratic governance and oppose non-democratic alternatives

23 Mar 2023 Liberia
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News release
Key findings
  • By large majorities, Liberians support democracy and reject authoritarian alternatives (Figure 1).

Most Liberians express support for democratic governance and reject non-democratic alternatives, a new Afrobarometer survey shows.

A majority of citizens describe their country as a democracy without major problems, and a growing proportion – though still not quite half – are satisfied with the way democracy works in the country.

Strong majorities also see the government as their employee rather than their boss, and believe it is better for a democracy if power sometimes changes hands, from one political party to another, through elections.

On 10 October 2023, Liberians will participate in the country’s fourth presidential and legislative elections since the end of the civil war in 2003 to determine who will govern the country for the next six years.