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News release

Kenyans support rule of law in governance, respect for the law and courts by the president

8 Sep 2020 Kenya

Kenyans overwhelmingly favour a government that follows the law even if it conflicts with the will of its supporters, according to the most recent Afrobarometer survey.

The survey also finds strong support among Kenyans for respect of the law and courts by the president.

Only one in 10 citizens say a government that enjoys popular support “should be free to do whatever the people want, even if it is outside the law.”

Three-quarters of Kenyans agree that indeed President Uhuru Kenyatta never or rarely ignores the courts and the laws of the country. In 2017, Kenyatta earned praise when he disagreed with, but accepted, a Supreme Court decision annulling his re-election victory and requiring a new election, which he won.