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News release

Kenyans see government failing on their top priorities – the economy and corruption, Afrobarometer survey shows

25 Mar 2022 Kenya
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News release
Key findings
  • Management of economy tops the list of important problems that Kenyans want their government to address, followed by corruption, health, unemployment, and crime/security (Figure 1).
  • Management of the economy climbed from sixth place on citizens’ priority list in 2014- 2019 to the No. 1 spot in 2021. Corruption has ranked as one of the top two priorities for the past six years (Table 1).
  • Very few Kenyans say the government is performing “fairly well” or “very well” on job creation (14%), improving living standards of the poor (16%), managing the economy (17%), and fighting corruption (22%) (Figure 2).
  • Citizens’ ratings of the government’s performance in addressing the economy, fighting corruption, and creating jobs have declined sharply over the past six years (Figure 3).

Kenyans see the economy and corruption as the most important problems facing the country, and most say the government is doing a poor job on both, the latest Afrobarometer survey findings show.

Management of the economy and corruption top the list of problems that Kenyans want the government to address, ahead of unemployment, health, and crime/security.

But most survey respondents give the government a failing grade on these priority issues.

As the country gears up for elections in August 2022, these findings suggest that the government’s ability to address economic problems and corruption may be a key issue for voters.