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News release

Kenyans grow more dissatisfied with government fight against corruption, fear retaliation if they report

24 Nov 2021 Kenya

A majority of Kenyans say the level of corruption in the country has increased and the government is doing a poor job of fighting it, a new Afrobarometer analysis shows.

Findings from a national survey in late 2019 show that among Kenyans who had contact with selected public services during the preceding year, substantial proportions say they had to pay a bribe to obtain the services they needed. The most frequent experience of paying a bribe was among citizens who sought assistance from the police.

And only a small minority believe that people can report corruption to the authorities without fear of retaliation.

Corruption hit the headlines again recently when a report by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists implicated high-profile figures around the world – including prominent personalities in Kenya – in using secret offshore accounts to accumulate wealth.