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Kenya: Improving democracy in spite of political rhetoric

25 Jan 2017 Kenya
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Findings from Afrobarometer Round 7 survey in Kenya in 2017.

At a glance

  • Democratic preferences: A majority of Kenyans prefer democratic, accountable governance in which:

– Leaders are elected in free and fair elections.

– Political parties compete in an open field.

– The president is accountable to the people and Parliament.

  • Democracy improving: Compared to 2014, more Kenyans consider their country a democracy and are satisfied with the way it is working.
  • Greater freedom: At least six in 10 Kenyans say that freedom of association, of expression, and of the media have increased.
  • Support for a presidential system: Seven of 10 Kenyans prefer a presidential system of government.
  • Greater fear of violence: Fear of political intimidation and violence during election campaigns has increased significantly.
  • Low trust: Trust in police, judiciary, and IEBC is low, while support for removal of IEBC commissioners is high.