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Kenya: Economic performance: More positive outlook despite economic insecurity

25 Jan 2017 Kenya
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Findings from Afrobarometer Round 7 survey in Kenya in 2017.

At a glance

  • Right direction: A plurality (48%) of Kenyans say the country is going in the right direction – double the optimistic response in 2011. But a majority (55%) still describe economic conditions as bad.
  • Improved living conditions: Perceptions of personal living conditions are the most positive since 2005. But economic insecurity remains high.
  • Disapproval of government economic management: Most Kenyans are not happy with the way the Jubilee government is managing the economy, creating jobs, and stabilizing prices.
  • Support for infrastructure investments: By a 15-percentage-point margin, Kenyans favour investments in infrastructure. Support is especially strong among young and educated citizens.