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Internal job opening Senior project manager (Francophone region)

19 Jan 2024
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The application deadline is 31 January 2024. 

Afrobarometer (AB) is a pan-African, nonpartisan, nonprofit research organization that conducts public attitude  surveys on political, economic, and social issues in Africa. Guided by the vision of a world in which Africa’s  development is anchored in the realities and aspirations of its people, AB provides high-quality data and analysis on  citizens’ evaluations and experiences of democratic governance and quality of life. These outputs are provided as a  public benefit and are freely available to policymakers, policy advocates, civil society organizations, academics,  news media, donors and investors, and ordinary Africans.  

Launched in 1999 in 12 countries, Afrobarometer has now completed approximately 300,000 interviews in up to 42  countries. Round 9 surveys, which commenced in October 2021 and concluded in July 2023, covered 39 countries.  AB conducts face-to-face interviews in the language of the respondent’s choice with nationally representative  samples. Effective analysis and communication of survey findings, as well as capacity building for survey research,  analysis, and communications skills, are integral parts of Afrobarometer’s work. 

Among Afrobarometer’s key achievements are proving that public attitudes research can be conducted even in fragile,  post-conflict, and closed political environments in Africa; legitimating public opinion as a pillar of African  democracy, governance and development decision-making; and building a network of researchers that has earned the  reputation as the go-to source for reliable data on what Africans are thinking. 

Afrobarometer’s institutional values are independence, excellence, collaboration, and commitment. Afrobarometer  individual values are integrity, respect, responsiveness, cooperation, and fairness. Funders and other stakeholders are  treated as partners in the advancement of Afrobarometer’s mission. Relationships, non-partisanship, trust, and  accountability are at the core of our work. Afrobarometer staff and network members appreciate benefiting from  colleagues’ creativity, diligence, and enterprise, and value the ability to work individually and as part of a team. The  qualities of leadership, initiative, and excellence are nurtured and rewarded. In pursuance of these values, all staff are  required to abide by the Afrobarometer Statement of Personal and Professional Standards of Conduct. 

Role Overview 

The Senior Project Manager (SPM) supports the Deputy Director of Surveys (DDoS) and Director of Surveys (DoS)  in managing survey fieldwork activities of the Network, focusing specifically on Francophone countries and  contributes to the analysis of data, publications, dissemination of results, management of AB’s special projects and  other Network activities as assigned from time to time.


The Senior Project Manager will assist the DDoS and DoS in ensuring that AB’s survey strategy is informed by the  monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) system. Whilst working collaboratively with the DDoS and the DoS, the  Senior Project Manager will help oversee NP work with a particular focus on Francophone National Partners (NPs).  Among the tasks for the SPM will include reviewing questionnaires, and assisting with translating other AB survey  documents, i.e., questionnaires, and survey manuals from English to French. In the conduct of duties, s/he is expected  to exemplify AB values as s/he deals with colleagues, partners, and diverse stakeholder constituencies.  


Prior to the establishment of this position, the Survey Unit has been headed by a Director of Surveys (DoS), supported  by the Deputy Director of Surveys. The Director of Surveys is responsible for coordinating survey and data  management activities, assisted by the Deputy Director of Surveys, a team of Project Managers, Assistant Project  Managers, a Network Data Manager, and Network Data officers. The DoS is also responsible for overseeing the  work of the Network Sampling Specialist. However, as the network’s footprint continues to grow, the portfolio of  fieldwork activities has also expanded and is bound to increase further as Afrobarometer intends to launch a series  of specialized surveys, some of which will be conducted by phone. In addition, the number of Francophone countries  has continued to grow from 1 in Round 1 (Mali) to more than a dozen countries in Round 9. To assist the Director of  Surveys with the additional responsibilities of overseeing survey work in Anglophone, Francophone, and Lusophone  countries, having an additional hand to oversee National Partners in Francophone countries and review questionnaires  from AB’s French-speaking countries will help to speed up the review of survey deliverables across the network.  

Because of this growing portfolio, Afrobarometer intends to appoint a Senior Project Manager, who is highly  proficient in French to support the DoS and the DDoS in overseeing survey and data management activities. 

Main Duties and Responsibilities 

Leadership, strategic planning, and management 

  • Assist the Deputy Director of Surveys (DDoS) and the Director of Surveys (DoS) in developing and  implementing survey strategy to expand country coverage, ensure continued relevance and innovation, and  maximize impact. 
  • Work with AB Project Managers to ensure survey activities are carried out in line with AB program goals  and objectives; facilitate cross-departmental communications to align plans 
  • Represent the AB Network in professional and public settings, including presentations at meetings and  conferences

Survey Operations and Network Management 

  • Jointly develop the Survey Unit work plan with the DDoS.  
  • Work with the DDoS, Data Managers, and the DoS, to review regional survey schedules and develop and  regularly update a network-wide survey schedule.  
  • Assist the DDoS, and DoS in coordinating and overseeing AB surveys (face-to-face, phone surveys, etc),  ensuring best practice and quality standards. 
  • Work with the DDoS and the DoS in coordinating the development of survey modules. 
  •  As part of the Survey Directorate, work with the DDoS and the DoS in overseeing updates to the Survey  Manual 
  • Lead the review of French questionnaires, including the development of indigenization instructions, and  approve French indigenized questionnaires. 
  • Provide primary feedback in the development and review of Country-Specific Questions (CSQs) for French speaking countries. 
  • Assist the DoS in coordinating at least one pilot survey for each round of AB surveys. 
  • Coordinate programming of survey questionnaires by Data Officers 
  • Provide regular updates to the survey schedule and assist the DDoS and the DoS in monitoring  implementation and adherence to the schedule, and identifying and resolving scheduling problems to avoid  delays 
  • Work with the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and PMs to ensure timely posting of all survey documents  in the appropriate archives 
  • Assist the DoS in preparations for Planning and Debrief Workshops, in collaboration with other AB staff,  including any ‘mini’ Planning Workshops during any round of survey for new partners 
  • Support AB Core Partner/Project Managers (CP/PMs) with direct responsibility for overseeing National  Partner (NP) survey implementation in each AB country, planning and coordinating the provision of  technical assistance where required.  
  • Assist DoS in organizing new country assessments and selections as directed by the DoS. 
  •  Assist the DDoS and the DoS, CP/PMs to identify new AB NPs as required, ensuring rigorous recruiting  and selection processes, and documentation of NP selection. 


  • Assist DoS in planning dissemination activities with the Communication team, e.g., CP/Communications  Officers, and assist in reviewing dissemination products 
  • Contribute to the intellectual and analytical output of the project, including participating in the review of  dispatches, policy papers, press releases, presentations, and other documents for the release of results
  •  Contribute to AB publications including Dispatches, Policy Papers etc.  
  • Contribute to project communications by representing AB and making periodic presentations at public  briefings, conferences, workshops, meetings of donors or other international stakeholders, press events, or  other events as requested. 

Human resources and capacity building 

  • Assist the DDoS to coordinate monthly team meetings for the survey unit. 
  • Serve as an instructor, coordinator, or in other capacities for AB training courses and workshops.
  •  Assist DoS in the development of effective communications among CP/PMs, AB Network Data Manager  (NDM), AB Network Sampling Manager (NDM), and AB communications staff. 

Monitoring, evaluation, and learning / Impact measuremen

  • Coordinate the Survey Unit’s contributions as requested by the AB MEL: 

o Report as requested and agreed with the MEL Officer regarding key indicators. 

o Assist in the implementation of any other surveys, i.e., National Partner Surveys, Pre-election, or  Policy Users Surveys  

o Work with the DDoS and the DoS to prepare survey reports as required by the AB Secretariat. 


Working with other key members of the Secretariat and the Survey Support Unit to oversee some of AB’s special  projects. The Senior Project Manager will be assigned other special duties. 

Person specification 

Minimum Requirements  

  • An advanced University Degree in Research, Statistics, Social Sciences, or a related discipline.
  • Proficiency in French, a requirement 
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in a relevant strategic position 
  • Available for frequent travel 

AB Core Competencies  

  • Passion for the AB mission 
  • Champion of equality, diversity, excellence, and inclusion 
  • Reputation for integrity and sound judgment  
  • Commitment to ethical, non-partisan best practice 
  • Collegiality  

Technical/Functional Competencies  

  • French skills a requirement 
  • Proven operational and project management experience, including systems to support the efficient and effective  achievement of objectives. 
  • Demonstrable capacity for evidence-based decision-making and sound judgment 
  • Proven experience getting results from geographically dispersed people. 
  • Problem-solving ability, creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation 
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills  
  • Flexibility and willingness to work during odd hours, including holidays and weekends on a wide range of  tasks. 

How to Apply 

The deadline for all applications is 31st January 2024. 


Please send your application to Include your name and position title in the subject  field of your email. Example: “Subject: [YOUR NAME] AB Senior Project Manager”. Documents to include: 

  • An up-to-date curriculum vitae with contact details (your email, phone number, postal address and WhatsApp  Number) 
  • A personal statement describing: 
  • Your interest in the post and in working with Afrobarometer 
  • Evidence of how your skills, experience, and knowledge meet the Selection Criteria. If you lack experience  or evidence in any area listed, please state how you would gain the knowledge or competency needed to  succeed in the role. 
  • Your availability for the post (notice period in your current role) and preferred working location. —180124— 

Afrobarometer is an equal-opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention  to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status.