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Country specific issues: cannabis decriminalisation, Agalega army base, education reforms and leadership qualities

21 Feb 2018 Mauritius
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Findings from Afrobarometer Round 7 survey in Mauritius in 2018.

Views on decriminalization of gandia (cannabis) consumption: While two thirds of Mauritians are against the decriminalization of the consumption of gandia one-fourth of the respondents “agree” or “strongly agree” that the government should decriminalize the consumption of cannabis.

Fight against drug trafficking: Mauritians are divided in half on the government’s handling of drug trafficking. Nearly half say the government has handled it “very/fairly badly” and another half say “ fairly/very badly”.

Child allowance: Nearly three-fourths of Mauritians “agree” or “strongly agree” to allowance to stem the problem of declining population growth.

Agalega agreement with India: A strong majority of Maurutians want transparency on the deal signed between the two countries

Other topics: Light rail proposal, leadership qualities and  nine-year education plan