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News release

Awareness of the negative impact of climate change on the rise in Zambia, Afrobarometer survey shows

18 May 2022 Zambia
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News release
Key findings
  • A slim majority (55%) of Zambians say they have heard of climate change, about the same level of awareness recorded in 2017 (Figure 1).
  • Men, urban residents, and highly educated, economically well off, and older citizens are more likely to be aware of climate change than women, rural residents, and less educated, poorer, and younger respondents (Figure 2).
  • Among those who have heard of climate change, more than three-fourths (78%) say it is making life in Zambia “somewhat worse” or “much worse,” a 21-percentage-point increase from 2017 (57%) (Figure 3).

Only a slim majority of Zambians have heard of climate change, but awareness of its destructive impact has increased rapidly in recent years, Afrobarometer survey findings show.

While about four in 10 Zambians have not heard of climate change, those who are familiar with the concept overwhelmingly say climate change is making life worse.

Zambia has been experiencing adverse impacts of climate change. Over the past two months, the country has seen unprecedented rains, flooding, and strong winds that have caused widespread damage to fields, roads, and buildings.