Mozambique Round 7 summary of results (2018) Mozambique Round 7 summary of results (2018). Read more
AD303: Most Ugandans see worsening drought, say climate change is making life worse The threat that climate change represents for Uganda and its economic development has been documented for years. Read more
AD302: Les Malgaches déplorent l’ampleur de la corruption, mais craignent de la signaler La corruption freine le développement économique et démocratique, et à Madagascar elle est présente autant dans la sphère politique que dans les services publics. Read more
AD301: Les conditions économiques du Niger se détériorent et rendent les citoyens pessimistes La situation économique du Niger a connu des variations dont l’impact s’est ressenti sur les conditions de vie des citoyens. Read more
Are we really getting tired of media freedom? By Nana Kwasi Gyan-Apenteng; consultant in media, culture, and communication. He is immediate past chairman of the National Media Commission of Ghana and immediate past president of the African Communication Regulators Network. Email: [email protected] Read more
PP57: Declining trust: Basotho perceptions of government corruption and performance drive drop in popular trust Basotho perceptions of government corruption and poor performance drive decline in popular trust. Read more
Afrobarometer lays foundation for ‘next generation’ of giving voice to African citizens Moving from pioneering project to pan-African institution, the research network Afrobarometer will enter its third decade with a new structure emphasizing partnership, capacity building, and sustainability, Executive Director E. Gyimah-Boadi said... Read more
AD300: Security concerns decrease, but most Tunisians would trade some freedoms for greater security Since its democratic revolution in 2010/2011, a number of violent attacks have disrupted Tunisia’s traditional tranquillity. Read more
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AD299: Au Sénégal, les ressources souterraines suscitent de l’espoir et des inquiétudes Au Sénégal, les ressources souterraines récemment découvertes suscitent de l’espoir et des inquiétudes. Read more