AD300: Security concerns decrease, but most Tunisians would trade some freedoms for greater security Since its democratic revolution in 2010/2011, a number of violent attacks have disrupted Tunisia’s traditional tranquillity. Read more
AD299: Au Sénégal, les ressources souterraines suscitent de l’espoir et des inquiétudes Au Sénégal, les ressources souterraines récemment découvertes suscitent de l’espoir et des inquiétudes. Read more
AD298: Le soutien à la liberté des médias recule en Guinée Le paysage médiatique guinéen a tardé à se structurer. La libéralisation des ondes n’a eu lieu que récemment et s’est déroulée dans un contexte politique très instable et souvent violent. Read more
African governments are cracking down on the news media. Their citizens might be okay with that. By Jeffrey Conroy-Krutz; associate professor of political science at Michigan State University and editor of the Afrobarometer Working Papers series. Read more
AD297: Ciclones aumentam os desafios de saúde pública em Moçambique Ciclones aumentam os desafios de saúde pública em Moçambique. Read more
AD297: Cyclones add to Mozambique’s public health challenges Cyclones add to Mozambique’s public health challenges. Read more
When media freedom is simply not enough: Rights, lives, income, and credibility are under threat By Eyram Bashan; veteran Ghanaian journalist with extensive experience in managing legacy and new media. She is the founder of OctoComm Global, a media advocacy and training foundation. Read more
AD295: Are South Africans prepared to confront climate change? As South Africa’s KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape provinces began digging out mud and floodwaters, President Cyril Ramaphosa was surely not alone in blaming climate change for last week’s deadly disaster (Times Live, 2019; France24, 2019). Read more
AD296: Police in Zimbabwe: Helping hand or iron fist? In response to public protests against a drastic increase in fuel prices in January 2019, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) were joined by the army in a brutal crackdown that resulted in at least 15 deaths, 340 injured, and more than 1,000 arrests (... Read more
In Africa, support for media freedom declines to a minority view, Afrobarometer surveys show Across Africa, popular support for media freedom has dropped to below half of adults, according to new Afrobarometer findings from across the continent. Read more