Swaziland summary of results (2018) Afrobarometer Round 7; Survey in eSwatini, 2018. Read more
AD237: Gender equality in Tanzania: Uproar and perceived progress Gender makes headlines in Tanzania, as when the president attacks birth control and endorses kicking pregnant girls out of school or when fake fingernails and eyelashes are banned from Parliament. Read more
AD236: In Gabon, views on elections darken in wake of 2016 contest seen as less than free and fair Gabon to vote: Popular support for elections weakens in the wake of 2016 dispute. Read more
Sommaire des résultats du Round 7 au Madagascar (2018) 7e tour de l’enquête Afrobaromètre au Madagascar, 2018. Read more
PP49: Heal the beloved country: Zimbabwe’s polarized electorate Zimbabwe’s Partisan Trust Gap wider than ever. Read more
Who will heal Zimbabwe? Public opinion points to steps toward nation-building Though polarized and distrustful of political adversaries, Zimbabweans would welcome a wide range of specific actions to help heal the country in the wake of its disputed election, a new analysis from Afrobarometer suggests. Read more
AD235: Property rights, domestic roles still question marks amid strong support for gender equity in eSwatini Land ownership, domestic roles are still question marks amid strong support for equality in eSwatini. Read more
AD234: Confiança nas instituições, avaliações do declínio do desempenho do governo em Cabo Verde Durante 15 anos após a independência, o regime de partido único de Cabo Verde não permitiu a avaliação dos políticos por parte dos cidadãos. Read more
AD234: Trust in institutions, evaluations of government performance decline in Cabo Verde For 15 years after independence, Cabo Verde’s one-party regime did not allow for the evaluation of politicians by citizens. Read more
AD233: La santé, un service de base difficilement accessible aux Ivoiriens économiquement faibles La santé en Côte d’Ivoire: Service de base difficilement accessible aux citoyens ruraux ou économiquement faibles. Read more