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Since 1999, the Afrobarometer has conducted more than 105,000 interviews to collect data on the attitudes and behaviors of ordinary Africans in reforming polities and economies across the continent. One of the project’s key goals has been to open a... Read more
Social scientists often attribute moderation of the political salience of ethnicity, in ethnically diverse societies, to the presence of cross-cutting cleavages-that is, to dimensions of identity or interest along which members of the same ethnic group... Read more
In this study I challenge the notion that personalism and clientelism structure voting behavior in Africa. Using a unique combination of data sources - survey responses from the Afrobarometer project merged with constituency-level election returns - I... Read more
In a context of growing popular fatigue with market-oriented policies, public opinion toward economic reform in Zambia is a mixed bag. As a whole, Zambians neither embrace nor refuse the orthodox package of reforms introduced by the Chiluba government (... Read more
L'économie du Bénin est en progrès constant, spécialement ces dernières années. Le taux de croissance du PIB est passé en 2006, de 3.6% à 4.6% en 2007 et les prévisions sont à la hauteur de 5.5% pour 2008. Cette tendance traduit bien la vision du... Read more
En ce qui concerne le Bénin, depuis son adhésion à la démocratie en 1990, il est demeuré selon les rapports des institutions internationales des droits de l’homme, un traditionnel bon élève. Le succès de la série des élections nationales (présidentielle... Read more
Sommaire des Resultats (French), Madagascar 2008 Read more
Sommaire des Resultats (French), Burkina Faso 2008. Read more
Summary of results for the Round 4 survey in Madagascar (2008). Read more
Summary of results from the Round 4 survey in Senegal (2008). Read more