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Report in French: Agricultural production and quality of life are suffering, citizens say. Read more
Résumé des résultats: Septième série de l’Afrobarométre Enquête Bénin (2017) Read more
Round 7 summary of results (2017) for Malawi. Read more
Despite broad support for women’s equality and opportunities, women continue to trail men in political participation in Malawi. Read more
Later this year, after 12 years in office, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will step down as president of Liberia and Africa’s first female head of state, having completed her maximum of two terms. Read more
Looking beyond theories, evidence points to poverty, relative deprivation, frustration with government, and social mobilization. Read more
Citizens want open and honest elections but fear political intimidation and violence. Read more
AD149: Is Malawi losing the battle against ‘Cashgate’?
Three-fourths of Malawians say government is doing a poor job in the fight against corruption. Read more
The most recent national elections in Malawi (2014) were highly contested, and the results were heavily disputed. Read more
Popular distrust, perceptions of corruption mark country’s judicial system. Read more