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Most Zimbabweans express discontent with the overall direction of their country, deteriorating economic conditions, rising corruption, and the performance of their elected leaders – except for President Robert Mugabe. Read more
Nelson Mandela International Day dispatch: Most Africans say they are interested but not active in civic affairs. Read more
A majority of ​citizens ​say the government is performing poorly in the fight against corruption.​ Read more
If public services are available, why are citizens dissatisfied with the government's service delivery? Read more
Targeting of Somali Kenyans may further marginalise vulnerable population. Read more
Do the democratic experiences of four countries lead to shared or divergent expectations? Read more
South Africa makes little progress in building youth capacities through higher education and vocational training Read more
Cameroon's institutions get mixed reviews from their constituents. Read more
WP158: Who’s asking? Interviewer coethnicity effects in African survey data
In face-to-face interviews, responses depend in part on whether interviewer and respondent belong to the same ethnic and racial group. Read more
Si la Chine n’est pas un acteur nouveau en Afrique, sa présence s’est beaucoup renforcée au cours de la dernière décennie. Read more