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Corruption croissante: Les milieux d’affaires et politique vus comme siège de la corruption au Niger. Read more
La décennie qui s’achève a été le théâtre d’un des fléaux les plus cruels de notre ère. Les migrations, expression qui renvoyait aux mouvements majoritairement libres des hommes sur l’ensemble du globe, font davantage référence aujourd’hui à des... Read more
Bridging the gender gap: Ugandans praise government efforts to promote equal rights for women. Read more
Health problems: In Togo, inadequate medical services feed growing dissatisfaction with government performance. Read more
Transparent, free, and fair elections are a cornerstone of a functioning democracy. But can there be too much of a good thing? Read more
La majorité des Sénégalais ont une perception positive sur l’orientation et l’avenir du pays. Read more
Ugandans looking abroad: Young and educated citizens are most likely to consider emigration. Read more
Do African traditional leaders weaken state legitimacy at the local level? Read more
Despite their country’s tremendous reserves of bauxite, iron ore, gold, and diamonds, 55% of Guineans live under the poverty line. Read more
One in four people in Africa have to pay bribes to access services, Corruption Barometer shows. Read more