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Africa connects: Mobile phones on the rise in Africa, Internet use inching up Seven in ten Africans own their own mobile phones, with access essentially universal in Algeria and Senegal, according to Afrobarometer findings from across 34 countries. Read more
Radio remains top choice for news even as traditional media loses ground Radio remains the dominant news source for most Africans; more than 60% of the people in every state except Egypt consume radio news, according to Afrobarometer's survey of 34 countries. Both television and internet are growing as sources of news,... Read more
Afrobarometer finds correlations between freedom to speak and good governance Citizens' freedom of expression is strongly correlated with effective governments, according to data collected in face-to-face interviews with more than 51,000 Africans in 34 countries during Round 5 of the Afrobarometer (2011-13). Where people feel... Read more
General findings from the Round 5 Ghana survey Results from the Round 5 survey in Ghana (2012). Read more
Citoyenneté et nationalité en Côte d’Ivoire Citoyenneté et nationalité en Côte d’Ivoire (FR) [11 October 2013] Read more
Opinion des Ivoiriens sur la réconciliation nationale Opinion des Ivoiriens sur la réconciliation nationale (FR) [11 October 2013] Read more
Perception des sénégalais sur la situation économique du pays Résultats de la 5ème série des enquêtes au Sénégal, 2013. Read more
Towards Socio-Economic Stability: Gender Equality and Access to Technology Still Challenging  Results from Round 5 survey in Sierra Leone [2 October 2013] Read more
Economic well-being of Sierra Leoneans, public service delivery and national government performance - Part 2 Findings from Sierra Leone Round 5 survey (2012). Read more
A majority of Africans say national economic conditions are bad New findings from Afrobarometer, based on surveys conducted in an unprecedented 34 African countries between October 2011 and June 2013, reveal widespread dissatisfaction with current economic conditions despite a decade of strong growth. Read more