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World Water Day: Africans expect governments to do a better job of ensuring safe water and sanitation, survey finds Almost half of Africans go without enough clean water for home use, and a majority have to leave their compounds in order to access water, according to new findings from Afrobarometer. Read more
Powerless: Lack of grid access, unreliable electricity supply still plague majority of Africans While more Africans live within reach of an electric grid than a decade ago, only four in 10 enjoy a reliable power supply, according to new survey findings from Afrobarometer. In some countries, that proportion is four in 100. Read more
Les Guinéens décrivent très mal leurs conditions de vie actuelle La majorité des Guinéens perçoivent leurs conditions de vie comme mauvaises, même si les proportions de ceux qui ont manqué de nourriture, de combustible pour la cuisson des repas, et de soins médicaux ont baissée depuis 2013, selon la récente enquête d’... Read more
La moitié des Guinéens sont intéressés par les affaires politiques ; la plupart déclarent être libres d’adhérer à une organisation de leur choix. Les résultats de la récente enquête d’Afrobaromètre en Guinée indiquent que la moitié des Guinéens (51%) déclarent qu’ils sont « plutôt intéressés » ou « très intéressés » par les affaires politiques. Read more
Africans tolerant on religion, ethnicity, nationality, and HIV, but not on homosexuality, Afrobarometer survey finds Contrary to common portrayals, Africans express high degrees of tolerance for people from different ethnic groups, people of different religions, immigrants, and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), newly released Afrobarometer survey findings show. Read more
Africanos são tolerantes em relação à religião, etnia, nacionalidade e HIV, mas não em relação à homossexualidade Ao contrário das representações comuns, os Africanos expressam elevados graus de tolerância para com pessoas de grupos étnicos diferentes, pessoas de religiões diferentes, imigrantes e pessoas portadoras de HIV/SIDA (PVVS), mostram as mais recentes... Read more
Corruption in Tunisia Corruption in Tunisia dissemination event. Read more
The President’s approval rating remains high, despite rising pessimism about Zimbabwe’s economic conditions A majority of Zimbabweans view their personal living conditions as “fairly bad” or “very bad”, according to the latest Afrobarometer survey in Zimbabwe. Read more
Trust in the President of Zimbabwe increases despite a challenging political and economic environment A majority of Zimbabweans (63%) say that they trust their president “somewhat” or “a lot”. Read more
South Africans increasingly discontent with the country’s democracy Less than half of South Africans currently believe that the country is “a full democracy” or “a democracy with minor problems” (48%) or are satisfied with its implementation (47%), according to the most recent Afrobarometer survey. Read more