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Poor quality elections erode support for democracy in Uganda, new Afrobarometer survey shows More Ugandans say they prefer democracy over any other system, but fewer are satisfied with the way their democracy is actually working, a new Afrobarometer survey shows. Read more
Zimbabweans trust the army, but don't want to be ruled by the army, support democracy Zimbabwe’s political crisis will play out against a backdrop of substantial public trust in the army but a clear rejection of military rule in favour of democracy. Read more
Women’s interest in politics increases, though gender gap remains Ghanaian women’s interest in public affairs and political discussion increased between 2012 and 2015. Read more
Batswana skeptical of electronic voting but favour other reforms A majority of Batswana are not convinced of the benefits of switching to electronic voting machines for the 2019 elections and say the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has not sufficiently consulted the public on the issue, a new Afrobarometer... Read more
Majority of Batswana see opposition offering viable alternative vision and plan A majority of Batswana say opposition parties offer a viable alternative vision and plan to the long-time ruling Botswana Democratic Party, according to the 2017 Afrobarometer survey. Read more
Batswana demand state funding of political parties State funding of political parties in Botswana remains a contested issue and after 50 years of independence. Read more
Ugandans overwhelmingly favour age limit for president, Afrobarometer survey shows Three-fourths of Ugandans favour maintaining an age limit of 75 years for presidential candidates, a recent Afrobarometer survey shows. Read more
Facing election test, Kenya can look to popular support for the rule of law, survey shows Facing election test, Kenya can look to popular support for the rule of law. Read more
L’état de droit en Côte d’Ivoire: peu de discrimination, confiance mitigée Les Ivoiriens ont un aperçu mitigé de l’état de droit dans leur pays, d’après la plus récente enquête Afrobaromètre. Read more
Moins de recherche d’emploi, plus d’entreprenariat en Côte d’Ivoire? Selon la plus récente enquête Afrobaromètre en Côte d’Ivoire, les Ivoiriens recherchent de moins en moins un emploi. Read more