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Corruption rising, Kenyans reluctant to report bribery incidents A majority of Kenyans say corruption has increased over the past year and the government has performed poorly in fighting it, the latest Afrobarometer survey indicates. Read more
Kenyans decry incessant corruption but reluctant to report incidents Findings from Afrobarometer Round 6 survey in Kenya (2014). Read more
Regionalização – prioridade na agenda política nacional? O desemprego tem sido sistematicamente considerado como o principal problema do país e atinge fortemente a camada jovem. Read more
L’influence de la Chine sur le Togo est perçue positivement Selon la dernière enquête Afrobaromètre au Togo, les Togolais dans leur grande majorité reconnaissent que les activités économiques de la Chine influencent l’économie du Togo. De plus, l’influence des activités économiques et de la politique chinoises... Read more
Les Togolais préfèrent le modèle américain mais reconnaissent l’influence positive de la Chine sur leur économie Résultats du 6e tour de l’Afrobaromètre au Togo (2014). Read more
Les Etats-Unis sont plus admirés par les Togolais, mais la France est plus influente Un Togolais sur trois choisit le modèle de développement des Etats-Unis comme le meilleur pour le futur du Togo, selon la plus récente enquête nationale d’Afrobaromètre. Read more
Zimbabweans support ban on teacher incentives but decry banning of extra lessons More than half of the adult population in Zimbabwe (54%) think that the payment of teacher incentives (monetary and/or non-monetary) in schools in addition to their normal salaries and benefits is not justified and should therefore be banned. This is... Read more
Zimbabweans largely ignorant of the 2013 Constitution More than three quarters of Zimbabweans do not know about the Constitution enacted in May 2013 to replace the 33-year-old Lancaster House Charter. The new supreme law was overwhelmingly and peacefully approved in a referendum in March 2013 in which half... Read more
Perda generalizada de confiança nas instituições em Cabo Verde Os cabo-verdianos mostram-se menos confiantes nas suas instituições. Praticamente metade (49%) declararam que confiam nas instituições, o que indica uma perda de dez pontos percentuais, comparativamente aos dados divulgados em 2011. Read more
A Qualidade da Democracia e da Governação em Cabo Verde Round 6 Resultados da Afrobarimetro Round 6 - Cabo Verde - 2014 Read more