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Latest press releases from Burkina Faso (29 October 2015) Latest press releases from Burkina Faso (29 October 2015). French version only. Read more
Swaziland: Unemployment Remains the Top Issue in the Minds of Swazis Swaziland was excluded from the United States Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) at the beginning of 2015 and there are expectations that this will have an adverse impact on the economy and employment. Read more
Swaziland: Much Work To Do For the Acting Chief Justice To Restore Confidence In His Office Swaziland recently appointed an acting Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala in June 2015 after the removal of the previous head of the judiciary. Read more
Les Malgaches déplorent l’ampleurde corruption La dernière enquête Afrobaromètre à Madagascar révèle qu’en général, les Malgaches constatent une hausseconsidérable du niveau de corruption dans le pays et critiquent la performance du gouvernement dans la lutte contre ce fléau. Read more
Les Nigériens demandent au Gouvernement de jouer un rôle régulateur de la presse Selon la plus récente enquête d’Afrobaromètre au Niger, le gouvernement devrait contrôler ou pouvoir interdire les médias/la presse de publier n’importe quelle information. Read more
Effort de Démocratie au Niger: Le recul de l’insatisfaction Selon la plus récente enquête d’Afrobaromètre au Niger, la démocratie, quoique relativement jeune, est un système politique connu par la quasi-totalité (84%) des Nigériens. Read more
Tanzanians approach competitive election with confidence in freedom to choose Significant proportions of Tanzanians voice concerns about the likelihood of a fair vote count, about bribery of voters, and about biased media coverage, and some citizens express fear of election-related intimidation and violence. Read more
Election update: Ivoirians mistrust electoral commission, fear violence Ivoirians harbour mistrust of the Independent Electoral Commission and are concerned about the fairness and security of the election environment. Read more
Latest press releases from Burkina Faso (October 2015) Read the latest press releases from Burkina Faso (October 2015): French version only. Read more
Guineans confident in freedom to vote, but not in fairness of the count Guineans feel free to vote for the candidate of their choice but express concerns about the election environment and the reliability of the vote count, new Afrobarometer survey results indicate. Read more