Tanzanians optimistic with government’s economic management, despite persistent poverty

Most Tanzanians believe the country is going in the right direction and the government is doing well in handling the economy. This is according to the most recent Afrobarometer survey, which is quite an improvement from their perceptions in 2014.

Majority of Tanzanians also say the country’s economic situation in 2017 was worse than a year ago. But the proportion of respondents who are optimistic that things will improve in a year’s time has almost doubled since 2014.

These survey findings suggest that the Fifth Phase government’s intensified efforts to improve the management of public resources are taking effect; popular approval of the government’s performance is high mainly with regard to addressing education needs, improving basic health services and providing water and sanitation services. Still, more than half of the respondents see their personal living conditions as “fairly” or “very” bad more so in rural areas; a proportion of those going without enough food to eat, without enough clean water for home use and without a cash income several times has risen considerably. For more details, see Afrobarometer Dispatch No. 193.