Most Zimbabweans registered and ready to vote; in presidential race, ZANU-PF holds tentative lead amid large unknowns

Most Zimbabweans are registered and ready to vote in July, but while the ruling ZANU-PF appears to have a lead among declared voters, the outcome is far from certain, according to a new survey by Afrobarometer partner Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI).

As of late April/early May, more than eight in 10 Zimbabweans said they were registered and likely to vote in the July elections. Among voters willing to declare their preferences in the presidential race, the ZANU-PF held a 42% to 31% lead over the MDC-T, but the intentions of fully one-fourth of voters remained unknown.

Moreover, the state of the presidential race could change during the three months between the survey dates (28 April-13 May 2018) and Election Day, scheduled for 30 July.