Guineans confident in freedom to vote, but not in fairness of the count


Heading toward their second competitive presidential election, Guineans feel free to vote for the candidate of their choice but express concerns about the election environment and the reliability of the vote count, new Afrobarometer survey results indicate.

Survey findings suggest that the country, which gave incumbent President Alpha Condé a narrow second-round victory in 2010, remains politically polarised. While Guineans overwhelmingly agree that regular and competitive elections are the best way to choose their leaders, they are divided in their views regarding the direction of the country, the fairness and security of the election environment, trust in the electoral commission, and the likely reliability of the vote count.

Despite these concerns, a large majority of Guineans say they feel “completely free” to vote as they choose.

Election-related survey findings are detailed in our Dispatch No. 49.

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