Survey Warehouse

About us

Survey Warehouse is a Namibian company providing integrated research services to corporate, governmental, non-governmental, private and academic entities by using multiple data sources and statistical techniques. We adhere to the professional guidelines set by the Southern African Marketing Research Association (SAMRA) and international requirements for standards and code of ethical conduct.

We employ approximately 60 Namibian contract staff members on a continuous basis. The majority of our staff members are university students or graduates. We subcontract specialised staff where necessary.

Survey Warehouse offers a vast number of market and socio-economic research products and services, for both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Survey Warehouse and Afrobarometer

Survey Warehouse is one of two Afrobarometer national partners in Namibia. We are mainly responsible for survey preparation and data collection activities. Survey Warehouse is responsible for producing the deliverables related to data collection.