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Latest country-specific releases

Mauritians want child allowance as country faces declining population growth
According to the most recent Afrobarometer survey, about three-fourths of Mauritians feel that considering the fact that the country is having a problem of declining population growth, the government should give child allowance to all citizens who will... Read more
La crise au Mali: Citoyens décrivent des impacts psychologiques, économiques – et tenaces Read more
Zimbabweans affirm public’s right to government information, but skeptical about access. Read more

Latest multi-country releases

AD188: Separate and compatible? Islam and democracy in five North African countries
Across five North African countries, most citizens see religion and politics as separate and compatible. Read more
Radio remains the most-used source of news in many African countries
Despite audience gains for television and digital media, radio is still by far the most frequent information source for Africans, a new Afrobarometer analysis suggests. Read more
PP43: Tax compliance Africans affirm civic duty but lack trust in tax department
Tax compliance in Africa: Citizens affirm paying taxes as a civic duty but lack trust in tax department. Read more