Tanzanians express dissatisfaction with current living conditions, perceive declining economic conditions

Macroeconomics and markets

Despite annual economic growth rates averaging of 7%, a majority of Tanzanians say their current living conditions are bad, according to the 2014 Afrobarometer survey.

Negative public perceptions of the country’s economic condition are also significantly higher than a decade ago.

Perceived deterioration in living conditions accounts for high dissatisfaction with economic conditions of the country. In addition, majority of those who feel that the government is badly handling delivering of social services also say that the present economic condition is bad. Thus, dissatisfaction with government performance in delivering social services also accounts for Tanzanians poor assessment of current economic  condition of the country.

Popular opinions furthermore indicate that people’s perceptions of extent of corruption in the government, and level of government transparency as well contribute to citizens’ assessment of the current economic conditions. People who perceive high corruption and lack of transparency in the government are more likely to rate present economic conditions as bad.

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