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Remote learning in Zimbabwe

Limited Internet access a major hurdle for e-learning during pandemic

More in Dispatch 371.

Too indebted...

Despite favourable perceptions of China’s influence, more Ivoirians choose U.S. model of development

(Available only in French).

More in Dispatch 369.

Crisis communication

Radio tops Zimbabweans’ sources of news and information – except for ‘other people’

More here.

Double-edged sword?

Ghanaians see pros and cons of social media, want access but not fake news

More in Dispatch 366.

Pandemic pedagogy

Africa’s digital divide and the promise of e-learning

More in Policy Paper 66.

Water, health care, and COVID-19

In Zimbabwe, weak water and health systems heighten vulnerabilities during coronavirus crisis

More in Dispatch 365 .

Age matters

How age-group differences affect social and political interactions in Africa

More in Working Paper 185.


Access to justice in Africa

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