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Résultats de l’enquête Afrobaromètre Round 6 à Gabon. Read more
Our core partner, the Institute for Development Studies will host the IDS@50 Conference from 18 to 21 November 2015 at the University of Nairobi. Read more
La majorité des Nigériens soutiennent les mandats des institutions de la justice et leur font « beaucoup confiance », selon la plus récente enquête d’Afrobaromètre. Read more
Les Nigériens dans leur majorité (73%) disent que les personnes vivant en Afrique de l’Ouest devraient pouvoir franchir librement les frontières internationales pour faire du commerce ou pour travailler dans d’autres pays, d’après la plus récente enquête... Read more
Sierra Leonean perceptions of democracy
Findings from Afrobarometer Round 6 survey in Sierra Leone. Read more
Sierra Leoneans support democracy and multiparty competition and overwhelmingly favour presidential term limits, the latest Afrobarometer survey reveals. Read more
By Jamy Felton, Afrobarometer data quality officer, based at the Democracy in Africa Research Unit in the Centre for Social Science Research at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Read more
Jamy Felton
Most Ugandans believe that officials receive preferential treatment under the law, a recent Afrobarometer survey in Uganda reveals. Read more
Findings from the Afrobarometer Round 6 survey in Uganda. Read more
Social services – particularly health and education – are the most important problems that the Ugandan government should address. Read more