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Parliament of Uganda. Photo by Nicolas Bamulanzeki, photo journalist at Observer weekly newspaper
Uganda’s democracy satisfaction gap

How delivery of electoral, political, and economic goods impacts support for democracy.

More in Policy Paper 44.

Kenya climate change infographic
Climate change in Kenya

Negative changes in weather affecting personal lives and country, citizens say.

More in Dispatch 183.

Most important problems that government should address | Botswana | 2017
Unemployment in Botswana

‘Most important problem’ mars positive marks for government performance

More in Dispatch 184.

Job creation in Côte d’Ivoire

Unemployment remains a major headache for Ivoirians.

More in Dispatch 179.

Available only in French.

Equal access to life opportunities | Zimbabwe | 2017
Progress on women’s rights

Majority of Zimbabweans applaud government efforts to promote equality

More in Dispatch 181.

One team, one nation

How football can build national unity and reduce interethnic conflict in Africa.

More in Working Paper 177.

Election quality in Uganda

Citizens skeptical of electoral commission, support reforms to gain transparency

More in Dispatch 182.

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AD184: Unemployment mars favourable assessment of Batswana government performance

In his final State of the Nation Address, delivered in November 2017, President Ian Khama offered a positive economic out

AD182: Election quality: Ugandans skeptical of electoral commission, back reforms to gain transparency

Over the past decade, Uganda has emerged as a success story of African development.

AD181: Zimbabweans see progress on women’s rights, applaud government efforts to promote equality

As a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, the Beij

AD180: Les Ivoiriens révèlent un sentiment d’insécurité mêlé d’un défaut de confiance

L’actualité ivoirienne a été à plusieurs reprises marquée par des informations relatives à l’insécurité.


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