South Africa summary of results (2018) Afrobarometer Round 7: Survey in South Africa, 2018. Read more
AD254: Land redistribution: South Africans prioritize land taken in forced removals, support ‘willing seller’ approach Land redistribution in South Africa: Citizens prioritize land taken during forced removals, support ‘willing seller’ approach. Read more
Land reform should continue to prioritize forced removals, agricultural and urban vacant land Afrobarometer’s 2018 survey in South Africa shows that citizens want to prioritize the return of land taken from forced removals since the 1913 Land Act. More than a century later, the country is still struggling to redress this historical injustice and... Read more
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AD250: Ghanaians rely on radio and TV, but support for media freedom drops sharply Does Ghana want a free press? Popular support for media freedom drops sharply. Read more
Gambians divided on whether ECOMIG should leave the country, survey shows Gambians are split on whether the ECOWAS Military Intervention in the Gambia (ECOMIG) should leave and let the Gambia Armed Forces and Police take charge of security matters in the country, Afrobarometer’s inaugural national survey in the country reveals... Read more
Gambians’ perception on emigration and the works of TRRC, CRC and ECOMIG Findings from Afrobarometer Round 7 survey in the Gambia. Read more
AD249: Gambians expect Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission to heal the nation but want human-rights violators prosecuted Healing and justice: Gambians expect the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission to heal the nation but want human-rights violators prosecuted. Read more