Batswana want president, officials to account and declare assets amid perceived escalating corruption

La corruption
La gouvernance

Batswana express support for a law on declaration of assets and want the president and officials to appear before Parliament to account, according to the findings of the latest Afrobarometer survey. The survey, conducted in June 2014, also reveals that just over half of Batswana say that the level of corruption has increased over the past year.

The data is released as the 11th Parliament recently debated the draft bill on the declaration of assets which is yet to be passed into law. The much awaited law was proposed by the former Leader of Opposition Mr. Dumelang Saleshando in the wake of allegations of corruption that implicated senior government officials. The proposed bill would require government officials and heads of parastatals to declare their assets and liabilities upon assuming office in order to combat corruption. The bill was debated in parliament but was never signed by the president into law. The debate on the proposed bill was resuscitated in late 2014, when the 11th Parliament commenced duty following the October general elections, however it has once again been abandoned.

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