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Les Sénégalais soutiennent fortement l'égalité de genre: Les femmes devraient avoir les mêmes chances d’être élues que les hommes (enquête Afrobaromètre)

Porter une femme à la tête de la municipalité de leur capitale – une première dans l’histoire – convient parfaitement aux

Who will heal Zimbabwe? Public opinion points to steps toward nation-building

Though polarized and distrustful of political adversaries, Zimbabweans would welcome a wide range of specific actions to

Afrobarometer director wins Distinguished Africanist Award for lifetime of scholarship and service

Professor Gyimah-Boadi, co-founder and executive director of Afrobarometer, has won the 2018 Distinguished Africanist Awa

Zimbabweans remain apprehensive about manipulation of the presidential election, new survey finds

Zimbabwe’s presidential campaign has done little to allay popular apprehensions about the security of the vote, the count

African migration: Who’s thinking of going where?

It is well established that young people constitute the majority of those who risk their l


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